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This song is about clouded futures.


This room is filled, if not for a passing chill,
With the years of our lives we have yet to see.
Where all the songs we once knew and felt,
But never wrote all rest in pieces.

The nights that we hinged on doors,
Of a world unsecured and left unlocked.
We never waited.
We never knocked.

The days of our infinite, feelings indefinite,
When all that’s left is infinity for me.
We breathe deeply.

Hes’tant fumes breathed between me and you,
When I am quite lost.
Leave our homes in the thick of the night.
We won’t serve an eternal red light.

Let’s make an escape from right and from wrong,
to a place, a place, a place where we belong. Where we belong.
Where the clear air turns clear thought,
Where I finally find the time, the time I sought.

So let’s give up our dreadful fate.
Waiting for you to call too late.
I won’t wait! I won’t wait!
We’ll give ‘em our “Famous Lasts”,
So when the moment is passed.
And gone. And gone. And gone.

We breathe it in tomorrow, and we forget all the sorrow.
We breathe in life. We breed it right. When we breathe in life, we breed it right.

I’ll miss you when these years are gone.


from Red Light, released September 19, 2013
Brendan Hornbostel // guitar, lyrics
Evan Linsey // bass, guitar, synth, vocals
Mari Ma // cello, vocals
Sirkka Miller // lead vocals
Will Moon // drums, shouting

James Moon // engineering, mixing, mastering
Konstantine Baranov // special thanks




Whether the Empty Storm San Francisco, California

'Whether the Empty Storm' is a five-piece band from San Francisco: Brendan Hornbostel (guitar), Evan Linsey (bass/vocals), Mari Ma (cello/vocals), Sirkka Miller (lead vocals), and Will Moon (drums).

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